A Scent Machine Helps Create a More Pleasant Environment in Business Settings

A scent machine can make a home or business environment more pleasant. A brand like AromaTech is useful when the space is relatively large, making most air fresheners and standard essential oil diffusers inadequate. One machine, for instance, is able to send scent to 7,000 square ft. It can be connected to the heating and cooling system or mounted elsewhere.


With the ability to provide a fragrance to this amount of square footage, equipment such as Air Stream Single can be used in an office, a retail store or a hotel lobby. The intensity of the aroma can be adjusted, which is helpful for a smaller space and for people who prefer a subtle fragrance. A timer is included for convenience so nobody has to remember to turn the device off when leaving for the day.

Consistency of Scent

Drums of half-gallon and approximately one-gallon sizes allow for consistency in scent, which is especially advantageous in the business setting. Customers of a retail store are accustomed to it having a particular aroma, and they may feel a bit disconcerted if they walk in and it smells completely different. Sandalwood, apple, lavender or any other fragrance can essentially be this establishment’s trademark in its atmosphere.

Understanding Emotions and Aromas

Scent has a great deal of emotional power, so it can be a wise idea to ask employees and regular customers how they feel about particular aromas. An anonymous survey handed out to everyone can provide insight. People who don’t really care one way or the other might not bother to respond, but those who feel strongly about the issue will probably say so. If the scent of roses is troubling to an employee because it always brings back memories of a loved one’s funeral, for instance, that fragrance might be avoided.

Research has uncovered reasons for the generally favorable attitude toward certain aromas; those reasons might seem obvious to anyone who hears them. The smell of freshly baked bread, for instance, not only is enjoyable because it brings to mind the delicious flavor, but also because it conveys a warm, cheerful and homey environment.